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London Jeweller, Bisola Abike Balogun Reveals Her Success Story With 3dees Gems


Bisola Abike Balogun is a beautiful lady of Style. She is blessed with a rich ebony complexion that glows. She is also got a good carriage. She is one lady who has made a huge success of her Jewelry business in London.

A few days back, Citypeople Online got her to tell us her success story and how she turned her hobby into big business. It is revealing.

We got her to tell us how she dabbled into Jewelry business. "My name is Bisola Abìké Balogun. I am the CEO of 3dees Gems & Jewellery.

I started buying and selling in 1987, after graduating I just knew I wanted to be my own boss. I started in fashion, travelling to Spain and Italy to buy footwear and jewellery to sell to my friends in England.

My focus on jewellery was by pure chance. I was always the creative type and since I was young I had enjoyed making dresses from patterns, cross stitching, arts & crafts amongst other things. I did all this by following a step by step instructions from a magazine or book…….I would look at an article and say to myself…… “I can do that!” and I did.


In 2000, out of boredom, I was reading a beading magazine with instructions on how to make a certain piece of jewellery and again I said to myself …..“I can do that”, and again I did! With a few hits & misses, I mastered the art of jewellery making (yes! I was self-taught) and hence the birth of ‘Jewellery by Abike’.

 I started my jewellery business by being a jewellery designer and beader using precious stones and metal. I would use gold or sterling silver beads and crystals to make my jewellery.


The birth of 3dees Gems came in 2015. I formed the name from my 3 children’s names starting from the letter “D”

I became a retailer of high-end quality jewellery like Brazilian Jewellery, genuine crystals and cubic zirconia because I wanted to appeal to all market.

 My belief was that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to look good. So I started sourcing good quality jewellery at affordable prices.


What inspires my creativity is that it just has to be fun. I approach everything with an abundant amount of ‘Joie de Vivre. If it’s not fun, it’s simply not worth doing.


Since the pandemic. I started a business hub called “The Emporium Hub”. The idea came about during lockdown. As I was not one to be sitting idle, I called upon a number of friends to advertise for each other and we made good sales, we have since grown to over 150 members. Membership is by referral or invitation only, it’s a network of reputable businesses who have come highly recommended. We all advertise each other and therefore grow our customer base together.

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