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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Hello beautiful people, we bring you another lovely trending outfit

We will be looking at a nice colorful long sleeve gown which was paired with a pink purse and a sliver heels to match

Another outfit we will be looking at is a black leggings with a yellow camisole and a black sweat top paired with a black boot

Another nice outfit we will be looking at is a short white long sleeves gown paired with a black and gold chain slide to match

Another trending outfit we will be looking at is a purple jumpsuit which is armless jumpsuit paired with a purple heels

Lastly on today’s fashion talk we will be looking at some nice outfit like a white bra top with a white high waist leggings paired with a nice leather sandals to match

I will be showing you how this outfit can be rocked below

Reference (@ PWEETY-PRESHI on ig)

Our model for today outfit: PRESHI

A dancer/ brand influencer/brand ambassador

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