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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



Like most human beings on this earth, I have had my fair share of challenges.  I sometimes yell at the world that it’s been unfair and I don’t deserve some of the things that have happened to me. But then again who does?


Of course, my dream was to live as a Princess in my own castle in total opulence! My magic wand was to remain at my side for me to wave and everything magically appear! There was to be absolutely no lack or want for anything.


  I read Mills and Boons through my adolescent years, so the happily ever after ending of those stories became my reality ah ah!


Not exactly sure when I awaken from this deep slumber, but I did, and the reality of life was a bit daunting! Nonetheless, something made the difference for me and demystified life; my choices!  At every stage of life when I got dealt the unexpected cards, I chose to keep playing and reshuffling the cards, I knew the cards I wanted were in the deck, so I wasn’t going to turn away until the cards were in front of me.  I chose to patiently wait for the reshuffling (ok, maybe not so patiently) but I chose victory and not defeat,  I chose not to be bitter or angry at those who had received their desired cards, instead, I chose to smile at them with acknowledgement that my turn too will come.


Even when life’s circumstances reeked of “aaahhh!” I chose to smile through my tears and walk with my head up, I chose to ignore the soft whispers and knowing glances around me, and I chose to ignore the haters and smile at them! 

At every blow, I chose to believe there was a purpose and a working out for my good, even though I couldn’t see it at that time. I chose not to repay evil with evil, but pity those who hurt me.  I chose to wish my haters the same things they wished me, with just a bit more!  I chose to smile at death and show him, Christ.


People would often commend me for been so strong in coping with life’s adversity, I shrug and with a smile acknowledge the grace of God for giving me the ability to choose right.


I made a conscious decision to choose God, to trust and believe Him.  I have that power and nothing can take it from me. 

Life is not about what happens to you, it’s more about how you react to those events. So regardless of the trials or challenges, you can overcome simply by believing and trusting God!  It’s that simple and it’s that easy, just trust and believe, it's the power you wield.


As you begin to prepare and set your goals for the year, make a conscious decision to be the best you can be and achieve all you’ve set out to by the choices you make. Choose faith, love and hope, choose wisdom, and choose spirit instead.  of flesh, and choose peace and joy.  Choose to be an empty vessel filled by the spirit of God.  Choose to believe and trust God.  No questions asked, no logic, no magic.  Just choose God, and you will start to see the beginning of the best years of your life.  You'll say I told you so!  @ JAT

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