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US Celebrity Lady, Deola Sorunke Talks About Her New Life In TEXAS


Deola Sorunke is one of the beautiful Naija celebrity ladies doing well in the US. She has a good job and has an interesting pastime. She works as a Mortgage specialist and at the same time does blogging for fun. She is also happily married to a brilliant guy, Olukayode Sorunke, who is a Google scholar. A few days ago CityPeople Online got this dynamic lady who has been living in the US for quite a while, to speak on her new life in DallasTexas.

Below are excerpts of the interview.


How is life in Texas? What do you do now?

Life in Texas is full of fun, it's a place I can call my second home. Texas in terms of weather, cultural orientation, social life, job opportunity are very similar to what I have been used to back home in Nigeria.  I find it so easy to integrate into life in Texas. I recalled vividly in the height of the pandemic, economic and social activity were buzzling in Texas unlike other places in the USA where the whole place was shut down.

How is your new relationship? Tell us about your husband. What does he do?

 My husband has been part of me in the last 4years only that we just decided to make it formal by officially sealing the relationship that we both built and worked on. I know him inside out just the way he knows me like the back of his palm.

How are you enjoying your marriage?

We have so many things in common except in a few areas. He is not a party type, while I am a party person, he is a bookworm, yet he supported me in all my social activities and engagement.  For this, I see the union as heaven-made. My husband is an accountant by profession with specialization in Auditing & Fraud Investigation.  He is a Google scholar and he has published extensively in local and international journals in the area of Fraud, Corruption & Forensic Accounting.  He currently worked as a Certified Fraud Examiner and Mortgage Auditor.  My husband is from Abeokuta in Ogun State.

Tell us about your love story

I met my husband in New York at a work site. I recalled how we met, He worked overnight on that faithful day. I'm supposed to relieve him in the morning, but being my first day on that job, I didn't get my direction to the location on time, I had to call him for direction and also to let him know that  I'll be coming a bit late. When I eventually arrived at the site, we got talking and the man that has been working all thru the night couldn't go home on time that same morning, we talked about so many things and because he is a scholar most of our discussion that morning centered on academics related issues. 

That was how we got talking and chatting, dating, going out together and we eventually sealed it up in Marriage this year. Despite up & down agreement and disagreement,  which is normal in any relationship,  we love each other and we still remain best of friends,  he is my gist partner,  my adviser, my father, best friend. He is everything to me. We enjoyed each other company a lot.

Tell us about Deola and the journey so far.....

Adeola popularly known as Dior was born 45years ago into the family of Alhaji  Taoreed Amodu, (of blessed memory) & Alhaja  Adunni Amodu ( Textile & Shoe Merchant) from the Longe family in Ikorodu.

Adeola had his elementary & secondary education in Lagos & Ogun State respectively. She had her tertiary education from the University of Ilorin where she had a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration and later moved to Lagos State University where she had her MBA with specialization in  Marketing.  As a customer relationship and marketing professional, she works in a telecommunication industry ( firstly with ZTE) where she worked for over 10years as a senior Marketing Executive in charge of Globacom,  Airtel and Federal Government Project. She later moved to Alcatel Lucent as a Sales support executive. She worked with Alcatel briefly. Adeola traveled far and wide in the course of her career in telecommunication industry. She had an opportunity of visiting several countries including, the UK, France, China, Morroco, Spain and a host of other countries, before finally relocating to the USA. While in the USA, She had an opportunity of living in several American States including Atlanta,  Massachusetts,  Maryland,  New York City where she met her husband before they both moved to New Jersey and later Dallas where they both reside now.…

Adeola is a fashion enthusiast and blogger currently she is the CEO of Diormart Limited, a Texas-based fashion and blog company.  She is the owner of a fashion and event blog known as Celebwithswag.

Do you feel fulfilled now???

Yes. I feel fulfilled working as a mortgage specialist and at the same time blogging for fun.

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