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Why Many Celebrity Ladies Now Prefer Lagos Designer,Queen Anuoluwapo To Style Them



As you take a good look at the lovely designs of celebrity fashion designer, and Stylist, Queen Anuoluwapo, you cannot but appreciate them. She herself is in a happy mood because she is also celebrating a year since she began to design and style for very many celebrity ladies. It was a pastime that she took serious and today she is making good money from making other ladies look good. Her services are in hot demand right now as many celebrity ladies now want Queen Anuoluwapo to design for them.

Why is her service in hot demand we asked her recently? "It is because of the uniqueness of my brand", she explains."I specialize in using African prints such as Ankara,to make beautiful and lovely designs".

"I love our Culture,and in order to preserve it, I focus on using some of our indigenous or African clothes like “Ankara” to design and create beautiful styles,"she further explains.

"Some of these designs of Iro and Buba look good on ladies and rich African women," she adds.

"It gives more value and lovely approach."

"By the special grace of God it will make a year on the 19th of this month,that I started the business",she explains.

She has definitely done well for herself as she has built a huge followership for her business. Many of her clients think highly of her.They say she is good at what she does.That is why many stylish ladies prefer her to style them.

Interested customers can send her a DM or WHATSAPP message on 0704 744 8166.

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