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If you meet Chief Mrs Sara Olukemi Adesina for the very first time,you are not likely to know she is in her 60s. This is because she has this refreshingly beautiful look that makes it impossible to guess her real age. She also carries herself gracefully.And she is blessed with a figure that makes her look ageless.


Chief (Mrs.) Sara Olukemi Adesina is a Lagos Celebrity  woman and wife of Otunba Adeleke Adesina,the pioneer President of Association of Friends (Up Asso). She is a successful businesswoman,who plays big in interior decoration business, which is a highly creative and competitive business. She runs Kess Carpets and Interior Services, a reputable firm which ensures that the home truly becomes a place of comfort for all. Kess Carpets and Interior Services offer top and quality brands of carpets, rugs, turf (grass), mosque runners, church rugs.

Her passion for fixing the right floor to complement a house is unrivaled, as she has sustained the business for over three decades. She has carved a niche for herself as one of the best and trusted hands in the business.

At over 60, she looks radiant and ageless. A few days back, she had a chat with Citypeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde and Jamiu Abubakar. Chief (Mrs.) Sara Olukemi Adesina revealed how she has been able to remain stylish at over 60 and life as the wife of Otunba Adesina. Below are  excerpts of the interview.


 Que 1:You  always look stylish any time we see you, how do you put all these together?


The passion determines what you are putting on.  So where you are going, what you are doing, you know, you have to consider everything before you dress up.


Que 2: How do you juggle your different rolls?


Well at my age, you have worked; you take care of your husband, you take care of your children, you take care of your work. Small time you have to socialize, you have to enjoy yourself, and you have to fit into where you are going.


Que 3: Tell us a bit about what you do?


I'm a house wife. I'm a business woman. I'm into interiors and to be specific, flooring and majorly carpets. I have been doing this for the past 33years. I tried to put my hands into other things but I find out that this is my calling. And I think I enjoy what I am doing. I love it. I love to see nice floors when I come into your house, I want to see what type of floor you are having and advise you; if what you are having is good or you need to change to something else. It depends. You have to consider the age, people living in the house and the house you are living before you put anything on the floor.


Que 4: How do you blend with the activities of the club?


I used to be a quiet person. Yes, I love parties, but I use to be a quiet person. But when I married my husband,I realised he is a socialite, he loves parties, he loves to socialize, he loves people around him, and he loves his clubs both in Lagos and Ikenne, his hometown. So I try to watch what he likes and I try to blend in. So when I joined the club, we tried to form ourselves into a little group; ladies of like minds. When we are going out, we get to tell ourselves what to wear ,when we get to parties,we mix freely with ourselves. There's no sense of superiority. I love to socialize. I love to get people close to me, and see what we can do together, see how we can relate and what we can do for one another.

Then my life has been easier. You know when you work from Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are to see your friends and relax. It's not all about work. Of course all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.


Que 5: At over 60, you still look beautiful and ageless, how have you been able to maintain that beauty part of you?


Well, if you go out, like last Friday, I was out. I was at Ikenne and from Ikenne  yesterday,to an event at Airport road and today I'm here. So when you go out, you see people, you meet people. You don't have to study that. When you go out you see people and you meet people. So you don't have to study hard to see all that. So when you get home you try to make sure that you fit into the society you are into.


Que 6: When your husband turned 80, you made a request that he reduces his outings so that he can rest and spend more time with you.Has he been able to do that?



Well he has not been to fulfill that. If you take away that from him, that means you want him to ... And I don't want to lose him I'm enjoying his company. He is making life easy for me.


Que 7:

What sort of a person is your husband?


My husband  is a workaholic. In a few days time, he would be 82.But from 9am to 5pm he is still at work. He goes to work every day.

Before he leaves in the morning he would be receiving calls, he would give appointments for 10 am to 10.30 am because that will keep him to leave home as early as possible. And again Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, he is here to socialize with his friends. And I asked him one day:won't you relax ?Other people are there,that can do what you do.He said well, I'm not tired.

 When I'm tired, I will relax. I still need to put these guys through one or two things. They are getting there but they need us to be around at times to put them through one or two things. He is a socialite. He loves to work and he eats well. You know when you eat well, you have all the strength. And when he wants to sleep, he wants to sleep 8 hours to 9 hours. You can't take that away from him.


He loves to exercise, he loves to work, and he loves to eat good food. He loves his family to be around and he loves his friends as well. He does not change his friends. He still has a friend of about 75 years. They started from primary school, secondary school. This is Association of friends. They have been together from the beginning.

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