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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


I recently came across a new term “dopamine dressing” in one of the many fashion Bibles I consult for research and updates. In layman’s term I’d shorten it to “dope dres6sing” which to me means cool and think nothing more of it. However, I’d have been wrong. Why because, this term indicates it is a serotonin-boosting trend, and serotonin as we all know is the “happiness hormone”. A hormone that helps stave off feelings of depression. Who’d have thought dressing up and medical terms will ever merge lol.

 This year the catwalks have welcomed audiences again. Strict Covid rules made it impossible for the fashion industry to hold its annual fashion weeks with any crowd at all. Everyone is thankful there seem to be an end in sight, with vaccines programmes working, people can now sensibly socialise again.

Images and videos emerging from catwalk shows hosted by the likes of Armani, Balmain, Chanel, Versace, Zimmerman amongst others, everyone could feel a change in the air. Gone were the serious straight faced looks often favoured by designers for their models, in with smiles, blowing kisses and even winking at the audience and photographers. That for me indicates relief from all the fears, the losses, the insecurities faced about the future of the fashion, the creative and every industry affected by the pandemic.

With dopamine dressing unleashed, there is the indication that people are completely ready to do away with its opposite, lounge wear dressing. 

style that took the world by storm when zoom calls and zoom meetings were the only way to help businesses carry on, it also allowed people socialise without fear of spreading or contracting covid.

Although it wasn’t termed dopamine dressing to my knowledge, I believe Africa is the pioneer of this trend. The use if vibrant colours in our prints, the flamboyant styles we have created over the years, the joys we display in our catwalk shows, the inclusion of every shapes and sizes, the confidence

and gait with which we carry ourselves whether dressed for a party, work, church or play is not only dope, this is dopamine dressing at its best.

Take a walk into any Nigerian/African party or fashion shows where both men and women are dressed to the hilt, you will never have a dull moment. Conversations revolves around each outfit and who designed it. Necks straining to see who was best dressed or wore it best, whose colour combination stood out more and whose accessories worked well with their ensemble. All these positive and happy feelings can only be brought on by the serotonin hormone without us knowing it. Even with covid restrictions at its height, many Africans still dressed flamboyantly for Zoom events.

Thank God the pandemic looks controllable now, and like the rest of the world I have been and still doing my best making sure dopamine dressing is the name of the game without  knowing it. A state of mind I constantly find myself in while dressing up for work, for any occasion or even when “playing dress up”  at home for my social media handles.

Here’s to better days ahead pushing fashion boundaries, making happy memories and living in a covid free world. 



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