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New Star, Ricardo Takes Fashion To New Heights

This is the story of a new star who is currently making waves in the Fashion industry. He recently told CityPeople his story.



Tell us a little bit about you...


I am Chuka Aniebo Ricardo aka Ka Bayne. And I am a Fashion Designer. I hail from Enugu State. I graduated from Nnamdi Azikwe University (Unizik) Anambra State…


After graduation, I went into the fashion industry and started designing full time early 2020.


  Why fashion?


My passion for Fashion can be traced way back to my secondary school days when I usually loved to try new kinds of stuff with clothes, I would also make several designs with school uniforms for my friends and classmates just for fun.


I also had the habit of recreating extra designs on my personal clothes, with time I started styling myself for events and randomly I started gaining attention and getting compliments from people which encouraged me to want to do more with clothes.


Fashion has always been one of the predominant ways I express myself and showcase my creativity


  With the emergence of different clothing brands, what makes Bayne Wear different?


 Unlike other brands, BAYNE WEARS is a unique brand, exceptionally different with fantastic taste and premium luxury. We are set to give you that distinctive fit that suits your personality and style, we meet your fashion needs by making several types of outfits designed by us ranging from Senator, kaftan, natives, shirts, pant trousers, hoodies, joggers, jackets and gangster jeans, etc.

We just don’t just make clothes, we satisfy your fashion needs and give you only the best for any event. Also, Our outfits never go out of style or trend because they are masterpieces, so you don’t have to worry about your outfits being too common or going out of style.


   Is your brand accessible to everybody?


At Bayne wears we have outfits to satisfy your fashion needs for any events, we have a vast production session as we are strengthened by competent staff and credible Managers which also makes production and delivery to your destinations worldwide effortless.


You can shop from any of our collections below:

Casual collection,

Hats collection,

Kaftan collection and

Jacket collection.


We also offer custom-made services… You can send in your designs, write-ups, drawings, or sketching and we would create exactly as your choice.

Who is your mentor in the industry?


I can’t say I don’t have a mentor but I know brand owners and brands I look up to, they inspire me a lot with their several forms of creativity which also makes me believe in myself, my abilities and what I can offer.



Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?


In the next 5 years, we see our brand progressing to be one of the biggest clothing brands nationally and internationally because of the kind of quality and services we offer. Also, our team is all motivated to ensure a positive innovation to clothing productivity coupled with the scheme to persistently be able to combine different colors and styles.

What's your fashion sense???


I just believe in combining the best quality fabrics and colors to get a style that’s appealing to the eyes and body.

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