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One on One with Queen Abosede, Tessy Sho, CEO of Abinbin F.M at Atlanta Georgia.

When asked about her name, she said her names are many and very long too. And she would appreciate if her names and titles are mentioned in full. Queen Abosede, Tessy Sho, Omo Baba Olopa, a.k.a Iyalode Amuludun, Ambassador of Amuludun Radio, Yeye Agbashagba, Iya Egbe Ilekeloye and finally Oba Obirin Oluseto.

Where were you born and raised?

Queen Abosede, Tessy show omo Baba Olopa was born in Kano State of Nigeria, some donkey years ago. And lived in Kano till around age 9 years. During the years were not until your left hand had to touch the right ear before you could be considered to start Primary should. She had to stop attending Army Primary School in Kano State, due to the Hausa Culture, a Mallam, one of her Father’s Police Boss, demanded her hands in marriage, which prompted her Father request for Police job transfer, which led her family to move to Oyo town.

She completed her Primary Education at Ayaba Alafia Army Primary school in Oyo town during the year the Late famous Actor, Duro Ladipo died.  She went ahead to the Army Secondary School at Ayaba Alafia. Shortly afterwards, her father’s Police job, transferred him to Iya Kogun at Odo Oyo, where finally completed her Secondary School education at Our Lady of Apostle’s Secondary school at Odo Ona. Although her dad received another job transfer after a year of settling at Our Lady Secondary School at Odo Ona to Eleyele area of Ibadan, but her mum stayed back with her children at Odo Oyo, to avoid having to change School again with her siblings.

How did the journey of entertainments start?

The journey of entertainment started about 30 years ago, during Oueen Abosede’s Primary and Secondary School days. When she took part in School’s Yoruba stage drama plays, she also was a member of her Church drama group (Christ Apostolic Church) back then.

During her Secondary School days, she had a childhood friend who shared the same passion and usually invited to rehearsals, whenever a theatre group was in town. Against her Fathers wishes, she continued to attend Yoruba theatre drama rehearsals. Unfortunately for her, she received a lot of beating for her passion, but she would never forget the day she was caught for returning home late from one of such drama rehearsals, which got her dad very upset. And in the event of being beaten for disrespecting her dad’s wishes always, she received lots of Koboko beating, so much so, she fainted and ended up in an hospital. But that did stop her as she had so much passion for acting. Rather, she decided to be more cautious in order not to get caught again.

After completing her Secondary School, she travelled with which ever drama groups that were available with her childhood friend to perform stage plays, continuously. Luckily for her she featured in a movie title Osan Gan – gan, some years back. Although she said, the movie should be on YouTube, but a lot of people might find it difficult to recognise her, because she was so skinny and tiny looking back then.

The acting career brought her places, and she also got to meet and watch some of Mount Zion drama rehearsal and got familiar with the group.

The stage and theatre performing passion was short lived, because her Father wanted her to further her education. Although during the period she stopped the worldly acting, as her father would always refer to it, but her father didn’t dispute her being a member of her Church drama group, but he was totally against every other drama or theatre group she joined or worked for.

 Also, she developed the interest for talk show, with now stuck to her over acting, when late Kola Olawuyi started a talk show programmed titled Irinkerido Omo Akolawole,  Ikan be, of which Dr. Bayoanle worked for Late Kolawole Olawuyi alongside Yinka Ayefele being a back Stage performer. before he came to limelight years after the death of his Boss.

With all the above mentioned, she later decided to grant her Father’s wishes to further her education and proceeded to sacred heart’s Nursing School at Lantoro in Abeokuta, in Ogun State to major in mid-wife Nursing career. During her nursing school days, she joined a theatre group called Ibile theatre group just to continue to fuel her passion, for both church acting which was in her father’s favour and the worldly acting which her father frowns at. Not excluding out her new passion for talk show entertainment.

After successfully graduating her mid-wife nursing career, she worked in a big hospital in Abeokuta before relocating to Lagos state, to continue goggling between her Nursing career and enterteinmemt passion.

Where have worked as a talk show presenter or entertainer ma?

Queen Abosede had worked with so many radio stations both home and abroad. But did her apprenticeship/ training in Radio talk show under the supervision of Late Kolawole Olawuyi, of blessed memory and Dr. Bayonle Olaniyan.

The list of a Radio Stations Queen Abosede had worked, are as follows:

1.       ” Awa la ni ” Radio Station in Nigeria.

2.       Amuludun Radio FM 99.1 at Ibadan with Dr. Bayonle Olaniyan.

3.       T.N.I Radio station in the United States for some years.

4.       Majestic Radio F.M at London, in the UK for a period of 19 Months

5.        Omega T,V Station at Atlanta Georgia.

6.       Root Radio Station in the United States for some years.

Although during all her days of working as a radio and talk show presenter /entertainer, most of the bosses she worked for, always trusted her to work with her own discretion with little or no dictatorship.  

When did you become your own Boss?

Queen Abosede decided to become an Entrepreneur her own Radio and T.V talk show presenter about 3 years plus, ago. After working at Root Radio station lastly as Radio and talk show presenter for some years. She started her own live broadcast on ,YouTube, Instagram handle and IG T.V Live Stream as Tessy Sho. And Tessy sho Entertainment and fans club or Iyalode Amuludun Tessy sho on Facebook. On twitter account is Abinibifm. Queen Abosede happens to be a Director, Presenter , Producer and Song writer.

  The programmes below were Queen Abosede 3 days, old weekly programmes on her Tessy sho social media platforms, titled “Abala Temitope” on Tuesdays at 8.05pm Nigerian time, on F.M Radio 99.1 with Dr. Bayonle Olaniyan.

On Thursdays at 2pm Atlanta time, she hosts a programme titled “Arankenge”

On Fridays at 12pm Atlanta time she hosted a programme title “ Ǫrǫ Sunukun and ilera l’ǫrǫ.

Abinbin F.M is her latest invention, which she had been working on for over a year and half. Which she given birth to and launched to limelight for the public enjoyment during the Month of March, 2020.

With the birth of  her Radio Station, www.Abinibi, comes more responsibilities. And her list of programme didn’t just increase in numbers, but there’s are programmes and activities, scheduled for most days of the week.

The new list of programmes on Abinibi F.M goes forth:

Tuesdays: Ayǫka and Ilera l’ǫro

Wednesdays: Okun ife , Ajo o Dabi ile and teen talk.

Thursdays:  Arakenge and Ka sun layo

Fridays: Ǫrǫ Sunukun and Ka sun layo

Saturdays: Opin ǫse extra or weekend delight.

Among Queen Abosede’s achievements, is her Abinibi School of Entertainment which is situated in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria. Where students are learning to become Radio and talk show Presenters.

Queen Abosede also has an NGO, a Charity Organisation called The Resource Centre for family and women Empowerment.

Who are the people that inspired you in the entertainment Industry?

Queen Abosede was inspired by a lot of Yoruba theatre and drama groups, while growing up in Oyo state. The likes of late Actor Duro Ladipo, late Moremi Ajanshoro, Late Pa Jacob, Pa Aderupoko, Pa Papilolo, Late Efunsetan Aniwura, Iya Awero, Ebun Olaiya, Late Iya Alaro, Ojo Opagogo, Pastor and Mrs. Bamigboye of Mount Zion Christian drama group to mention a few.

And Queen Abosede sources of inspiration in the Radio and T.V industry are no more than two important major father figures, Dr. Bayonle Olaniyan and Late Kolawole Olawuyi.

What challenges did you encounter during your Entertainment, Radio and T.V talk show?

In our everyday life or career, we face the unexpected. But the greatest joy of it all, is that when we fall, we rise again. And through the grace of God, we’ll keep pushing forward, not giving up.

 The challenge that shook her grounds recently, was when her new Radio Station Abinibi F.M website was hacked. And all the files on the website was completely deleted by the hacker. It  was a painful experience because, the Engineers that did the installation of Abinibi F.M website didn’t install any backup, neither did they encode a password to prevent such online hazard from occurring initially. She said the incident broke her down in tears and it is one of the biggest challenges, throughout her career path, that she wouldn’t forget.
She paid the Engineers extra money to reinstall everything stronger and better.

Where does Queen Abosede see herself in 5years?

Queen Abosede said God willing and keeping each and everyone of us alive, healthy and kicking, she prays for God’s guardians, guidelines to expanded her dreams in the entertainment and Radio and T.V talk show industry, encouraging  herself to improve and do astonishing better.

Least I forget, the Radio and T.V talk show had also opened opportunities for Queen Abosede in  areas of anchoring parties and events of all sorts as an M.C. Queen Abosede says she gives all the Glory to God for her journey so far, from Nigeria to United States and especially her country of residence, Atlanta Georgia.

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